Discovery Over the years there were many unsuccessful. attempts to locate the For several more days, the Argo further searched the Titanic wreckage It was 
Robert Ballard, Discoverer of Titanic funding for future projects, therefore the discovery would be merely a means to an end; or so Robert Ballard thought.
Jul 1, 1985 Discovery Of Titanic TITANIC-TITANIC. com | Discovery Of Titanic from Le Suroit's sonar sweeping, with a sled-like device called 'Argo', 
Legend has it that when the Royal Mail. Steamship Titanic struck an iceberg at Argo, they searched the ocean floor two-and-a-half miles below the surface.
He is best known for discovering. the wreck of the Titanic in 1985 of vessels, most notably the Argo, a 16-foot (5-metre). submersible sled equipped with a 
Sea Water: Ballard discovered that the water. of the earth's oceans is cycled through Titanic: Argo's first accomplishment was helping to find the wreck of the  
This discovery gave new meaning to the Titanic's sinking and gave birth to new Secondly, Ballard had engineered a new. unmanned submersible (Argo) that 
Sep 3, 1985 The discovery came more than 73 years. after the luxury liner, said to be Hole's robot submarine Argo, equipped with video and still cameras
The first pictures of the wreck of the Titanic are released 73 years after the liner sank with. The wreck was discovered three days. ago by a joint American- French of 2 5 miles (4 km) and was filmed by an unmanned submarine called Argo.
Oct 24, 2006. Old news clip the day after the Titanic. was first discovered in 1985 They still hadn't ascertained the condition of the wreck
Lights from the Mir 2 submersible illuminate the port. anchor winch on the foredeck of the sunken Titanic. Photo: Search vehicle Argo heads for Titanic 
But what began as a challenge to test ARGO evolved into passion for the ship Since Titanic's discovery, many breakthrough technological advances have 
Titanic Discovered. Ballard had a realisation which led him to develop the Argo/ Jason concept. Argo was launched to scan the. search area for the Titanic.
Mar 1, 2012. Argo, the system of television cameras and sonars that helped find discovered in 1977, and surveying the sunken ocean liner Titanic in 1986.
Argo is most famous for its role in the 1985 discovery of the wreck of the RMS Titanic Argo was also used in the discovery of the wreck of the German battleship 
The first serious attempt to locate the. wreck of Titanic was financed by a Discovery of the Titanic” Ballard writes, “Stu's eyes were fixed to the Argo monitor
Ballard organized and participated in the expedition that discovered the ship in The search for the Titanic was undertaken as a test of the Argo-Jason system; 
The wreck of Titanic was discovered seventy-three-and-a-half years after she sank; touched Argo -- which literally went down and shook hands with the Titanic 
Apr 14, 2009 remotely operated vehiicle after doing so. 19 years before with the towed sled Argo. (A fact correctly related in. The Discovery of The Titanic
The discovery of the Titanic by Ballard. and his team seemed like an The cameras of the American ARGO system came. in the past few days and confirmed the 
This RMS Titanic page was designed for the ThinkQuest scholarship program, with construction, maiden voyage, sinking, the aftermath of the sinking, and the discovery Argo, a deep-sea submersible carrying. strobe lights along with the 
1 discovered the Titanic luxury liner in the Atlantic Ocean some 500 miles (800 One such submarine, the Argo, had first happened upon one of the Titanic's 
Learn about RMS Titanic and the archaeological efforts of Robert Ballard. They could observe Argo's discoveries from the video feed and sonar it transmitted.
Nov 14, 2002 With only a few days remaining in the expedition, the Argo started sending back video images of the debris from the Titanic. Within hours the 
Sep 2, 2008 including space, physics, planet earth, discoveries, NASA, satellites, and space As time passed, the glamour of the Titanic -- its roster of rich and 1, Argo spotted one of the ship's boilers and other debris about 230 miles 
Mar 21, 2012 Though the discovery of the Titanic was undoubtedly a massive result for. for the Titanic using the new Argo technology, but he was rejected
Mar 25, 2009 He and the crew finally found the Titanic. The bottom of the area where she was had been located. Using the Argo, a sled like. device, they were