The author shares the life stories of Venus and Serena Williams, who When Venus and Serena first appeared in the public eye, their hair bound in beads 
Aug 7, 2012 In the athletic world, Venus and Serena Williams endured similar rebuffs. suffered a point penalty during a match because of runaway beads
names were slamming aces so hard that their white hair beads flew off onto the court Miramar teen Vickery hopes to follow in Serena Williams' footsteps.
Mar 28, 2012 Defending champ Azarenka and Venus Williams bounced from Sony were slamming aces so hard that their white. hair beads flew off onto the 
Venus and Serena Williams represent in many ways a shift in attitudes When Venus and Serena first appeared in the public eye, their hair bound in beads 
Jun 28, 1997 loses her beads Williams, the 17-year-old American who wears in her braided hair bright beads that go clackety-clack with every 1 ranking mainly with her 15 -year-old sister, Serena, which caused current No. 1 player 
Serena and Oracene Williams came with her. to lend support, but her father stayed. Williams improved her game, and lost weight and the hair beads—she'd  
Sep 12, 2011 Can't you just hear Serena Williams. putting on her contrite face for rules since they were dropping hair beads on the court — years ago
Oct 7, 2011 Venus Williams vs Serena Williams 1998 Australian Open 2nd round Highlights first ever meeting on tour
Beads or not, Williams never stood an. earthly and showed just how much she. 1994 the accomplishments of the phenomenal Venus and Serena Williams have with Lindsay Davenport when her hair beads. unravelled and spilled on court
May 21, 2003 Serena Williams is born in Saginaw, Mich. in Key Biscayne, Fla , a tennis official hands Hingis one of the beads that had fallen from Williams's braids. Venus wears 1,800 "pearls" in. her hair, which take 10 hours to put in.
Jun 14, 2013. Venus Williams has redefined women's tennis with her explosive serves. Williams Hair, Venus Williams Serena Williams, Venus Williams Style, Style News years and made the clay courts sing. with her head full of beads
Jan 12, 2012 Venus Ebony Starr Williams, with her barely tamed long limbs and clicking hair beads, introduced herself to the tennis populace at the 1997 
Jan 18, 2011. Back in the days when Venus and Serena Williams wore braids, flying beads from Venus' hair triggered a point penalty and a meltdown during 
Jan 27, 1999 MELBOURNE— Her trademark hair. beads went skittering across the. has not been a Williams hallmark during her and her sister Serena's 
Serena at 16 is 5'10", 145 lbs, a black Amazon in colored hair beads who is so muscular that the crowd whistles when she takes off her sweatshirt to reveal her 
Sep 10, 2012. She had fiery red fingernails, gold hoop earrings and a wild tangle of white and pink beads in her hair Serena Williams became the fourth 
Sep 12, 2013. The old wives' tale says prenatal vitamins will make your hair and nails beautiful Serena Williams s triumph in New York on Sunday marked a few but there was a time, long, long. ago, when they rocked the beads.
Aug 22, 2013. Serena Williams, 31, arrived at the "Late Show with David Letterman" in a too- tight black leather Still, her hair looks. incredible this time
Sep 8, 2013 Serena Williams regrouped from early errors and struggles with her serve to about the 2 black girls from Compton with Beads in their hair.
May 16, 2013 A new documentary, Venus and Serena, follows the Williams sisters. She was real tall and spindly, and. they had the [hair] beads back then
Sep 9, 2013 Asked to compare the feeling when she was a winning majors as a young upstart with beads in her flowing hair, Williams said the victories 
Aug 24, 2013. RT “@damnelace: @serenawilliams can you bring back the beads you and @ Venuseswilliams used to wear in your hair? #serenafriday”
Aug 23, 2013. Serena Williams, 31, hit a winner on Thursday in a form-fitting light. open-toed heels and accessorised with a large bead bracelet and a pair of dangling earrings Serena had her frizzy dark auburn hair down and wore 
Venus and her sister Serena were taught. by their father to play tennis when of Williams with the beads in her cornrowed hair clicking through the air, her face 
When Venus and Serena first appeared in the public eye, their hair bound in beads bespoke their ethnic pride, the braces on their teeth belied their youth, and  
Aug 29, 2013. Natural Hair Salute:<br /> Venus & Serena Williams<br /> with an innate talent for tennis, proudly sporting their natural braids and beads