Sep 13, 2013. The first level of Pete Carroll's. Win Forever Pyramid * * * But he got canned there too – the owner, Robert. Kraft, wanted a football coach who 
Sep 19, 2005. How Robert Kraft built the Patriots into a football dynasty under coach Pete Carroll, the Patriots hired a Parcells assistant whom Kraft long 
May 4, 2013 From Yahoo Sports: New England Patriots owner Robert Kraft is one of the most influential figures in Seattle Seahawks coach Pete Carroll ?
Feb 6, 2012 In New England, Kraft had fired coach Pete Carroll on Jan 3, but before the Parcells announcement "I made sure we faxed in a request for 
3 days ago Seahawks coach Pete Carroll often has. a smile on his face, whether it is. After firing Carroll, Patriots owner Robert Kraft changed course and 
1 day ago Pete Carroll leads Seahawks with enthusiasm, toughness - National. after Patriots owner Robert Kraft fired him following an 8-8 final season.
Visit Pete Carroll - AFC East Blog for. information, in-depth analysis and. for owner Robert Kraft after losing to the Green Bay Packers in the Super Bowl
Kraft hired good-natured, upbeat San Fran assistant Pete Carroll as head on the board and somehow ended up with. Tebucky Jones and Robert Edwards
Jun 24, 2013 Bill Parcells and Robert Kraft do not make mistakes But but. Pete Carroll! Quincy Carter! No Shut up Not mistakes. Never mistakes.
Pete Carroll, Parcells's successor, would. also take the team to the playoffs When owner Robert Kraft purchased the team. in 1994, he did so for $175 million
Pete Carroll, Parcells' successor, would also take the team to the playoffs twice 7. 1 1993; 7. 2 1993–94 offseason: Bob Kraft Buys the Team; 7 3 1994 
Patriots owner Robert Kraft returned from an overseas vacation on Monday and Pete Carroll was not Robert Kraft's first. choice to replace Bill Parcells in 1997
Nov 10, 2012. Pete Carroll was not Robert Kraft's first. choice to replace Bill Parcells in 1997 Kraft had grown close to Bill Belichick. in his year with the Patriots 
Jan 19, 2010. Patriots owner Robert Kraft said he called his former coach, Pete Carroll, and wished him well in Seattle, and acknowledged that he may not 
Dec 21, 2012. Pete Carroll was not Patriots owner Robert Kraft's ?rst choice to replace Bill Parcells in 1997 Kraft had grown close to Belichick in his year with 
Dec 1, 2007 Pete Carroll, head coach of the foot-ball. team at the University of Owner Robert Kraft said publicly that firing Carroll was a tough call, but 
Jun 16, 2013 The Truth About That Whole Robert Kraft, Vladimir Putin, Stolen Super Bowl. fans' heads exploding when losing a super bowl…to pete carroll.
5 days. ago season, Kraft's first as owner Even Pete Carroll brought them to the playoffs Robert Kraft will be. 73 years old in June. He certainly has. the 
Remember the Pete. Carroll era? jumping for joy if Bill Belichick and Robert Kraft were. celebrating making the playoffs but losing each time?
Jun 11, 2012 Pete Carroll says merit will be the. only factor in who becomes the Tony Dungy: Lions contacted me before Jim Caldwell · Robert Kraft 
2 days. ago Pete Carroll took over as Seattle's head coach in 2010 Barry Switzer (7 articles ) Track-It; Robert Kraft (35 articles) Track-It; Richard Sherman 
5 days. ago. Seattle Coach Pete Carroll and General Manager John Schneider flew Patriots owner Robert Kraft said upon firing Carroll in January 2000
Jan 5, 2000. Patriots owner Robert Kraft had faxed the Jets on Monday seeking permission to interview Belichick after firing Pete Carroll. But Kraft was 
Jun 16, 2012. Most people know Seattle Seahawks head coach Pete Carroll, entering his. in 1999 and Robert Kraft made a difficult. decision in firing Carroll.
Jan 3, 2013 Fired as an NFL head coach twice, Pete Carroll developed a core 2000, Patriots owner Bob Kraft decided the organization was headed in the 
Sep 11, 2013 The Patriots ran Pete Carroll out of town because Bob Kraft overreacted to . Parcells leaving by not allowing Carroll any control over personnel, 
Jul 24, 2013. Learn about Robert Kraft owner of the New England Patriots who. They ended their search when they hired. former Jets coach, Pete Carroll,