Did Lizzie have a boyfriend whom she got to murder her parents? Was there an illegitimate brother who felt slighted by his father? Could it have been another 
Lizzie Andrew Borden (born July 19, 1860, Fall River, Mass , U S died June 1, The night before the murders John Vinnicum. Morse, the brother of Lizzie's and Borden" (who according to this theory was Andrew Borden's illegitimate son) 
Other folks think. differently They think Lizzie didn't do it, and the verdict was exactly right. There's even talk Lizzie took the fall for a rumored illegitimate brother
It seems as if Eliza Ann had an illegitimate child- a little girl who only lived to be 5. Eliza Ann died William Bassett was William's step brother.
Sep 27, 2010. Lizzie Borden is known for killing her parents with an axe; she was ultimately. A illegitimate half brother, William Borden, killed Mr and Mrs.
Sarah had died in 1863 when Lizzie Borden was not yet three years old John was tall and thin like his brother-in-law Andrew, and was also dour and stern in. Was he, as some have suggested, in communication with an illegitimate son of  
For other people named Lizzie Borden, see Lizzie Borden (disambiguation) The night before the murders John Vinnicum Morse, the brother of Lizzie's and Emma's A "William Borden" (who was Andrew Borden's illegitimate son) after 
Lizzie Andrew Borden was an American woman who was tried and acquitted in The night before the murders John Vinnicum Morse, the brother of Lizzie's and. Borden" (who according to this theory was Andrew Borden's illegitimate son) 
A selection of mementoes from alleged murderess Lizzie Borden are on display, Rumor has it that she took the rap to cover-up for her illegitimate brother.
Lizzie. Borden. "Lizzie Borden—the name conjures up graphic scenes of a half- crazed. 3,— examines a claim that Lizzie Borden had an illegitimate brother
The true story of Lizzie Borden who stood trial for the hatchet murders of her parents. was William Borden, the retarded, supposedly. illegitimate son of Andrew Borden I absolutely think Lizzie Borden killed her father and stepbrother.
Aug 6, 2013 Although Lizzie Borden was acquitted, no one else was ever. Andrew Borden's illegitimate son and the half-brother of the Borden sisters.
Mar 13, 2001 Recently a TV show about Lizzie Borden gave possible theories as to who the " real" killer was (an illegitimate son was mentioned and it said that John Morse-- Abby's brother, who had dropped. by unexpectedly the previous 
Brown, a Fall River native, theorizes that the guilty party was Andrew Borden's mentally. defective, illegitimate son William, that Lizzie knew he had done it and 
Nov 2, 2009. Either Lizzie Borden got away with murder or someone else did William Borden, an alleged illegitimate. half-brother of Lizzie and Emma, 
Sep 13, 2011 The younger brother, William, was the president of the. Most people today are familiar with the name. Lizzie Borden–her crime has attained while others suggest it was William Borden, the illegitimate son of Andrew, who 
Apr 4, 2012. Here is where William Borden, Andrew Borden's illegitimate son may come into play Maybe Lizzie had convinced her half brother to do this 
Lizzie Borden - Among the other alleged killers are John Morse, the brother of Andrew's first wife, a secret lover Lizzie was said and William Borden, who, while legally Andrew's second cousin, was rumored to really be his illegitimate son
Find the haunted Lizzie Borden House at HauntedHouses. com. This would leave Lizzie, Emma and the supposed illegitimate son, William not in line to the room, for they had a guest the night before, the late Sarah's brother, John Morse,  
Jul 26, 1992 Lizzie Borden, she wrote, was "tall, stocky, jowly, dressy and unremarkable. as had John Vinnicum Morse, the brother of his long-dead first wife, who to a presumed illegitimate son of Andrew's and to passers-by unknown
May 8, 2013. The scene of Lizzie Borden's trial for the murders of her father and. Andrew Borden's previously unknown, alledgedly. illegitimate son, see Arnold R. Massachusetts, and John V. Morse, the brother of Andrew Borden's.
Laura's brother Merton was Lizzie's paper boy and said she was a great “tipper” This letter would cast a shadow of guilt,over Andrew's illegitimate son.
Dec 28, 2013. Posts about Emma Borden. written by phayemuss. He, in turn, gave much to his nephew, Hamilton, son of Orrin's brother From the villainous “Intruder” to the illegitimate son, Billy Borden, there is none more preposterous 
May 9, 2009 Although Lizzie Borden was acquitted, she was at the time (and is to an extent The Borden sisters' uncle, John. Vinnicum Morse, brother of Andrew. was an illegitimate paternal half-brother. named William Borden, as a 
Aug 16, 2013 A look at the case of Lizzie Borden, who was accused of hacking to death her John Morse, Abby's brother, had dropped by unexpectedly the night. Some even suspected John Borden, who was Andrew's illegitimate son, 
As temperatures reach 100 degrees, Andrew Jackson Borden, a prominent Fall River. businessman, his second wife, Abby Durfee Gray, and his brother-in-law, 
Mar 13, 2012 The notorious 19th-century trial of Lizzie Borden, a wealthy New England woman accused of killing her parents with an ax, is back in the