Watch BORN IN FLAMES online now - the American Comedy by director Lizzie Borden. The movie that rocked the foundations of. the early Indie film world, this 
Review: Independent filmmaker, artist, and critic Lizzie Borden made her feature-. film debut with this bold fusion of science fiction and feminist politics In.
Born in Flames A film by Lizzie. Borden Links Read the interview with Lizzie Borden on ieweekly com Buy the poster from Posteritati 
Born in Flames, the publication, is an illustrated. transcript of Lizzie Borden's 1983 It includes an interview with Borden conducted. in Los Angeles by Lassinaro, 
A graphic transcription of Lizzie Borden's 1983 film Born in Flames, published by Occasional Papers. Size A4, Contains an interview with Lizzie Borden.
Nov 28, 2013. Lizzie Borden's radical feminist quasi-documentary Born in Flames (1983) In an interview with Anne Friedberg, Borden attests to the film's 
Jun 26, 2008 “Born in Flames [by Lizzie Borden]. is already controversial as one of the Interviewed years ago in Women and. Performance, Borden claimed 
Jun 8, 2011 Kaisa Lassinaro, 'Interview between Lizzie Borden and Kaisa Lassinaro', Born in Flames, London: Occassional Papers and the Showroom, 
Jan 26, 2009 This week I'm highlighting the film Born in Flames with an excerpt and an interview with the creator Lizzie Borden. There's no reason you 
Christina Lane, author of Feminist Hollywood: From Born in Flames to Point Break, Independent filmmaker, Lizzie Borden, uses avant-garde techniques in her first and then adding to this, the women must. interview to work in the brothel.
Interview between Lizzie Borden [LB] and Kaisa Lassinaro [KL], May 2011. KL What triggered you to make Born in Flames? LB I realised that there was big 
Born in Flames, 90 minutes; produced, directed, written and edited by Lizzie Borden. Camera: Ed Bowes, Al Santana Cast: Honey, Adele Bertei, Jeanne Satter-.
Lizzie Borden (born February 3, 1958, Detroit, Michigan) is an American filmmaker Borden is known for the film Born in Flames (1983), which premiered at the "Redefining Female Sexuality in the Cinema: An Interview with Lizzie Borden.
BS You have just completed a film ( Born in Flames ), which is fictitious in that it takes. place in NYC ten years in the future after a revolution and yet is not only 
Her first film, Born in Flames, depicts a. futuristic scenario where a variety of Alexandra Devon and Catherine Tammaro, interviewed. Lizzie Borden during her  
'Born in Flames – the publication – is the complete authorised graphic translation of Lizzie Borden's mythical 1983 film 'Born in Flames' Included is an interview with Borden conducted by Lassinaro, in which the filmmaker looks back on the 
Nov 27, 2013 We also love the nod to Lizzie Borden's 1983 film with the same name The “ Born in Flames” interviews will be foundational for Laura's 
Born in Flames: an interview with Lizzie Borden — Sharon Roughan Writing our own history: Interview with Wendy Collins, Al Garthwaite and Maria Spellacy,  
Female Dandy and Kaisa Lassinaro interviews director. Lizzie Borden about Born in Flames. Also included in this issue are artist projects by Henry VIII's Wives, 
Find Born in Flames at Amazon com Movies & TV, home of thousands of. Learn more about "Born. in Flames" on IMDb. Interview with director. Lizzie Borden 
Jun 22, 2001 Director Lizzie Borden revisits her incendiary 1983 feminist classic, Born. in Flames, showing as part of the Austin Film Society's series
Nov 26, 2011 We interview long-time Filipina feminist and transnational activist Ninotchka Imagined and directed by Lizzie Borden in 1984, Born in Flames, 
Dec 12, 2013 min , 1978, Sherry Millner and Ernie Larsen) and Born in Flames (80 min , 1983, Lizzie Borden) Interview with filmmaker. Lizzie Borden: 
Nov 30, 2013 The closing film of the festival will be FEMINIST CLASSIC Born in Flames by Lizzie Borden. This film, which has become a. feminist cult classic, 
Dec 3, 2013 Kathleen Hanna, subject of the new documentary The Punk Singer, feels so . strongly about the 1983 Lizzie Borden film Born In Flames that she 
Feminist Hollywood incorporates interviews. with directors such as Susan Martha Coolidge, Kathryn Bigelow, Lizzie Borden, Darnell Martin, and Tamra Davis 
Nov 1, 2013 Very different than BORN IN FLAMES in both. content and style, WORKING GIRLS Quotes from Lizzie Borden in “Interview. with Lizzie Borden