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Nov 24, 2013 For the Broncos, the New England game was a tale of two halves Patriots also failed to score, and when it was the Broncos turn to score, 
9 hours. ago The Patriots failed to score on their opening drive. after Brady's pass intended for wide receiver Broncos forced a three and. out on the Patriots
6 hours ago The Denver Broncos are headed to Super Bowl XLVIII following their 26-16 win over the New England Patriots in the AFC Championship game 
Regular season and postseason games. 01/19/2014 *, Denver Broncos, New England Patriots, H, W 26-16, 77,110 11/24/2013, Denver AFC Divisional Playoff Game Points Scored: Denver Broncos 1082, New England Patriots 1015 
5 hours ago. New England. Patriots vs Denver Broncos in DenverCO on 2014-01-19 Find NFL box scores, game recap, play. by play, photos and more at 
Nov 25, 2013. The Patriots opened the game by having three straight drives with a lost They drove straight down the field. and scored a touchdown on a 
2 hours. ago From the outset, Denver's ground game clearly established itself as superior, while the Broncos' front seven wouldn't let the Patriots get much 
Nov 24, 2013 With the Patriots' turnovers and freezing weather, the game played next Broncos possession and it would take them just five plays to score a 
Nov 24, 2013 New England Patriots regular season game vs the Denver Broncos at. Before tonight, the last time the Patriots. did not score in first half was 
8 hours ago. Once Patriots cornerback Aqib Talib exited the game, Manning and the. Broncos had even more success moving the ball through the air.
6 hours ago Broncos Patriots final score in the AFC Championship Game: Broncos dominate Patriots The Game-Changing Plays and Top Performances
51 minutes. ago. Denver game played on January 19, 2014 passes and yardage this season and made the Broncos the highest-scoring team in history.
5 hours. ago The Broncos' 26-16 victory wasn't as close as the score indicates. Stadium, took the game by the scruff. of its neck early, and never let go Had the Broncos – and Manning been unable. to get past the Patriots, all of their 
9 hours. ago. Despite the outcome of that game and Brady's 10-4 record in the. #Broncos have 495 total yards, the most the #Patriots have allowed this 
Injuries and a talented Broncos team. caught up to the Patriots in the AFC. as the Patriots and Broncos battled in. the AFC Championship Game in Denver
fantasy football, game-day coverage, schedules, stats, scores and more Congratulations to the Denver Broncos and Seattle Seahawks for advancing to Super An interception in the end zone halted a potential game-winning drive for the Broncos to a 26-16 victory over the New England. Patriots and a trip to Super 
Jan 5, 2014. Things are much different since that game -- the Patriots have a whole different group of. The Broncos, in Denver, by a score of 27-20
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9 hours ago. The AFC Championship game between the New England Patriots and the Denver Broncos is set for a 3 p m kickoff at Sports Authority. Field in 
Nov 24, 2013. It's the game of the week, as Denver visits New England Follow to get this thing done, but a Denver score, and they'll be starting from scratch.
Nov 25, 2013. And in a game with 10 fumbles and seven. turnovers, a blunder on special The Patriots' Nate Ebner recovered at the Denver 13 and two plays later, Down by four scores when the second half began, the Patriots staged a 
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Nov 25, 2013 BOX SCORE: Patriots. 34, Broncos 31 OT. And such a fitting capper to a classically weird game. of super-sized blunders, spectacular big plays 
1 day. ago The Denver Broncos defeated the Boston Patriots 13 to 10 in the first AFL regular - than the game that started it all when the Broncos and Patriots, with “Your first touchdown was scored. without a playbook thrown by a 
Nov 25, 2013 So Manning & Brady give us classic, and WHO ruins it? between the Broncos and Patriots was classic Manning vs Brady 107 yards and a score, and New England's six fumbles had Denver sitting pretty What a game
Nov 24, 2013 But the team didn't quit -- in fact, it battled back to tie the game and send it score and the Patriots' first lead of the game -- a 28-24 advantage